Next Workshop: Batik Basics

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For more information go to or

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Sidewalk Art Festival this Saturday

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This Saturday, August 22nd I will be at WCSH Sidewalk Art Festival in Portland, ME from 9am-4pm. I will be located on the sidewalk near Longfellow Books. Stop by and say...

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Art in the Park this Saturday!

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This Saturday, August 8th I will be at Art in the Park held at Millcreek Park in South Portland, ME from 9am-5pm. Stop by and say Hello!

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A Piece of Art A Day Challenge

Posted by on Jun 1, 2009 in Batik, design sponge, drawing, museum of pocket art, new art, paintintg, suzanne drown trout | Comments Off on A Piece of Art A Day Challenge

Creating a new piece of art everyday, I know that this sounds like a simple thing to do especially for someone who make their living as an artist! I have felt like lately creating new work is getting a bit lost! Between what I need to do to promote my business, teaching, taking care of my family and working a part time job I have not been working on the new as much I would like! What to do?I am going to challenge to myself to create a piece of art a day. Draw, paint, batik, big, small, does not matter, just that I create something new! My hope is to change my focus and develop a new habit. I...

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Painted with Wax

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Here are some more photos of the waxed fabric featuring design number two.

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What is Batik?

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It’s hard to believe, but I first tried out the batik process as a teenager, which was a long time ago! I was inspired by a magazine article… and my desire to create something cool for my dorm room. I figured it would be fun! What I created was a big mess and a love for the process that continues today. When I do shows, there is a real mix of customers who know the process, those who want to hear more and others who, like me, are inspired to learn how to batik themselves. I am currently working on a new design today, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to answer the...

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