Off to Vermont!

Posted by on Jul 11, 2009 in cakes, School House, summer camp, suzanne drown trout, teach | Comments Off on Off to Vermont!

The summer is in full swing! The sun has returned and life is good! I just finished my first teaching gig of the summer! It was with a super great group of campers who created some cool art! I think the highlight of my time with them was making edible books (aka. cakes!) on the theme of travel! They had a blast using cakes as a canvas and frosting, candy, etc as the paint!
Next up, I head to Vermont tomorrow to be the artist in residence for a week at the School House Summer Camp in South Burlington. I am excited and little bit nervous too! I have what think will be a great week planned! Hope to have some photos to post at the end of next week!

Enjoy this much needed sunshine!