Artist-in Residence

Artist-in-Residence Experiences
I am pleased to talk with you about workshops for adults or youth at your location, including artist-in-residence opportunities. Groups can create individual projects or work together to create banners, quilts, or other pieces for installation in your school or organization. (See photos from past residencies.) Please call (207) 409-4897 for more information. Here are a sample descriptions from past residencies:


Exploring Batik
Have you ever seen a beautiful batik design and wished you could try your hand at it? Join batik artist Suzanne Drown to explore this fascinating and ancient art process. Participants will have the opportunity to create a one-color batik, which includes painting or drawing on fabric with melted wax, then using an immersion dye process. Images from nature and other cultures can provide the inspiration for the finished pieces.


Dye Painting Batik
Using the colorful hues of paintable fiber-reactive dyes and a non-wax resist, design and create unique art flags. The imagery focused on during residency can be tied to areas of study that students are learning about in current classes. For example, if students are studying a particular country, art and images from that country can provide inspiration for student art.

Sea Weed Marbling
“Marbling” takes its name from the way designs on marbled fabric can resemble the veins and ripples in marble stone.  A seaweed extract called carrageenan is used to create a thick syrupy water that the paint is floated on, thus the name “seaweed marbling.” In this residency, students use various objects such as forks, chopsticks, toothpicks or corn holders to create their own design in the floating paint, then make their print by placing fabric on the paint-covered surface of the water.