Unexpected Focus

Posted by on Jan 15, 2010 in focus, Haiti, kindness, Konbit Sante, volunteering | Comments Off on Unexpected Focus

Just a year ago, I started writing this blog, entering a whole new world of “social marketing.” A year later, I’m not sure about the “marketing” part, but have found it a great tool for creating focus. Fridays have become my “blogging day” and it seems today my blog is helping me get focused on how to help others.

Today my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti and I can see on the news and Facebook that I am not alone! A cash donation to a relief organization on the ground – done. Researching a group that is organizing a fundraiser to which I can donate a piece of art work – working on it. The needs are overwhelming. How else to help?

I sometimes struggle with how can I make a difference. Some of the survival stories I have heard today remind me that many small acts of kindness can add up to make a huge difference. It can happen in so many ways…thanking a friend for their help, checking in with a family member who is having a hard time, volunteering, recycling, donating money when you can. So my focus this week and in 2010 is to find simple ways to help create a better world.

An organization that has already been working in Haiti to improve the health care system in the northern part of the country is Konbit Sante. They have just established an earthquake relief fund and will be working to help with the long-term recovery of the country. To learn more about them or
to donate go to www.konbitsante.org.

Life can be unpredictable, so I will try to remember to hug my children, tell those I love how I feel and take time everyday, even on my hardest days, to give thanks for an act of kindness that came my way!