Watching the Arts Come Alive!

Posted by on Feb 19, 2009 in High School Musical, jazz festival, shows, teaching, winter | Comments Off on Watching the Arts Come Alive!

It is during these cold months of winter that I look at the coming year and decide what shows and festivals I will be exhibiting at, classes I will teach and, this year, summer camps I will have the pleasure to teach at. It is both exciting and a bit anxiety provoking! (More about that in future posts!)

Last week I had some welcome relief from these tasks when I attended two school events , the southern Maine District Jazz Festival and the South Portland High School production of Hello Dolly. Students prepare many hours for these events and they were awesome! These are two great examples of the important role the arts play in our public schools. These talented students, with the support and direction of the equally talented adults, created fantastic experiences that brought communities together. These young performers learned about working hard, working with others to meet a common goal and had a ton of fun while giving something special to their communities! Watching the arts come alive in this way (especially since my daughter and her friends were involved) made me proud to live where I do!